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The symbol of NARA NAGOMIKAN is “An old man”, which is modeled after Okina who appears in Noh play.
Nara is the birthplace of Noh that is honorably performed in events such as Kasuga Wakamiya Onmatsuri Festival in Kasuga-taisha Shrine or Takigi-Onoh in Kofuku-ji Temple.
Okina is a God in Noh play as well as a treasure as the symbol of a perfect personality.
It would be a pleasure for us to give you the same feeling of generous and genial Yamato-spirit as Okina.
Welcome to “The genial old man’s home”.
We hope you spend a kind of nostalgic and comfortable time with us.

Discover Interesting Articles!  The Space at NAGOMIKAN

NARA NAGOMIKAN has many interesting articles. We will show you just a few examples here!

The Black Stucco Exterior to Perfectly Blend in the Town of Nara

Nara has been known for its inksticks and ink brushes, and many shops of long standing are located in the city. We can say that the “ink black” is one of the colors to represent Nara. Old folk houses and shops of long standing near us have outer walls finished with black stucco. For its exterior, NARA NAGOMIKAN chose the kind of black that matches such walls after the time has given a finishing touch, a color called “ashen black”. Further, we use grey stucco for the eaves to go well with the silvery roof tiles so that our building blends perfectly in the surrounding environment.

Dynamic Dragon God Welcomes the Visitors

The dynamic dragon god welcomes you at the entrance hall of NARA NAGOMIKAN. This unique dragon god is made of three huge logs of domestic pine, taking thet full advantage of the shape and the texture of natural wood – one and only creation made especially for us. As a symbol of the primitive religion of Nara area as well as the business prosperity icon of rising dragon, it accentuates our entrance where we meet our visitors for the first time. We will be more than happy if you can sense the vibrancy of the dragon god from the complex three-dimensional curves made by the strong and flexible energy that trees originally have. Don’t miss the monkey orchestra drawn on the stairwell walls around the dragon god that cheerfully plays their instruments for the “festival”.

Mellow Curves Are the Key

We value the shape that soothes your heart, the idyllic air that suits the ancient capital of Nara, the natural texture, and the authentic taste. Our interior aims to embody the soothing feel, “nagomi”, of NARA NAGOMIKAN, and the corners of the earth walls by staircases and pillars are mellowly rounded. By deliberately giving the uneven finish to the walls on the second floor, we have created the idyllic and calming space. Also, our floors are built by the construction technique that has been used for the “doma” entrance space at old shops in Nara, and colored with ink, Nara’s specialty, for additional texture. The uneven and cracked finish may remind you of the doma entrance of old houses.

Natural Texture, Authentic Taste
Natural Texture, Authentic Taste

This huge table is made of a solid timber of Japanese zelkova. The polygonal leg extruding from the table top at the right used to be the old beam at the old folk house. The light hung over the table was hand-made by the designer – made together with the dragon god residing over the entrance hall and from the wood piece used for the legs of the dragon. Can you see the human face carved in the wood? The glass set in the counter was made by the glass artist who made the stained glass for the door at the second floor of Awogaki.


15 minutes on foot from Kintetsu Nara Station. NARA NAGOMIKAN is located near major landmarks.

1071 Takabatake-cho, Nara-shi, Nara
Please be careful not to dial a wrong number.