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About World Heritage

We believe it is a role to tell people to visit their local character and richness.
To do this, you must always continue to learn the traditional culture of the region.
There are both regional and local companies to continue to learn, it is the World Heritage.

One promise five World Heritage

One promise five World Heritage

Your connection to the goo, his own dignified behavior, behavior, attitudeWe strive to first.

We will have a global perspective, and the aesthetics of nature
We will convey the weight of the culture.

We, through tourism, to contribute to the community.

We will cherish the dignity of our customers and employees.

We will have rice to fluff your sincerity,
"things" or "service" to provide.

Origin of name

There are three World Heritage Site of Nara.
"Horyuji Buddhist Monuments in the region," "Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara", "sacred and Pilgrimage in the Kii Mountain Range" is.
World Heritage areas, the company was born in Nara,
The company in order to contribute to the tourism industry centered on the AC "World Heritage" has named.

Origin of the logo

The image of a ribbon according to the body of Deva King statue stands in Todai-ji Temple Namdaemun,World Heritage initials "W" took shape.

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